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Los Prados Community eBlast 9/15/2020
The Board of Directors is considering the purchase of a new office/trailer type of building to placed in the golf course maintenance area.  This expense is considered a new capital improvement item and NRS 116.3115, Section 9 requires the Association to notify the unit’s owner at least 21 calendar days before the item is placed on the Agenda for consideration.  The section reads: 
      9.The association shall provide written notice to each unit’s owner of a meeting at which an assessment for a capital improvement is to be considered or action is to be taken on such an assessment at least 21 calendar days before the date of the meeting.
Please look for this item on the Board’s Open meeting Agenda in the next few months. 
 As you can see coming to the Clubhouse, we have 1 out of 2 sections of the asphalt paving project completed. Phase 2 is from the 18th – 20th this month
On Thursday September 16, 2020, the restaurant will open for regular business at 3 p.m. featuring the new menu.

Very Important Info to All  
The Association does not allow for any homeowner, visitor, vendor or other to use foul or abusive language in any circumstance.  We understand there is a lot going on in the political world, but those opinions when stated where others can overhear, may not occur on the common area.  Please refrain from these types of conversations while on Los Prados premises.  There is a code of conduct noted in the Rules and Regulations that everyone must adhere to.  They were agreed upon by you when you moved into your home in Los Prados.  A person violating this rule may be brought before the Board for a hearing.