Los Prados Golf Course

Los Prados is one of the few Associations in Nevada that is owned & managed by it's members. Our Community comprises 1,358 homes that surround our golf course, clubhouse, pools, and tennis courts. A golf lover's paradise in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley.

Whether you are one of the newest members of our community, considering a move to Los Prados, or a long time homeowner, the goal of "Community Corner" is to provide you easy access to important information about our Community.

Click on the link below for this month's community newsletter. JANUARY 2022

Our welcome letter contains basic information all homeowners and tenants need to know. This includes a summary of the HOA assessment fees, community phone numbers and current rules & regulations that residents of Los Prados are obligated to abide by.

Need to add a guest to your guest list? You can access your account by visiting community.dwellinglive.com, (if you need assistance with access to your account, please contact the front desk 702-645-4523).

You can also fill out the guest list form and return it to the front desk, or email it directly to frontdesk@losprados-golf.com.

Do you have a comment or suggestion for the association, pro shop, or security? Please fill out the comment/suggestion form, and return to the front desk. 

Have you noticed a compliance issue within the Los Prados Community? If so, you can fill out a non-compliance form and return to the front desk or email it directly to compliance@losprados-golf.com


Open Homeowner Board Meetings

The Open Homeowner Board Meetings are scheduled the third Tuesday of each month starting at 5:00 pm. During our meetings we have a regularly scheduled "Public Comment" period, towards the end of the meeting.